Henrique Furtado Vieira

Dancer, performer and choreographer, Henrique Furtado Vieira lives in Portugal. An engineer in Energy and Environment, he completed his artistic training in several European institutions (INSA Lyon, Extensions – CDC Toulouse, Prototype II and Dialogues III – Royaumont abbey). He collaborates as a performer with different artists such as Bleuène Madelaine, Eric Languet, Aurélien Richard, Céline Cartillier, Tino Sehgal, Salomé Lamas, Ana Renata Polónia, André Uerba, Sofias Dias & Vítor Roriz and Vera Mantero; and has been influenced by his encounters with Sophie Perez and Xavier Boussiron, among others. He is currently working with Aloun Marchal and Chiara Taviani in the creation of performances where styles and genres overlap, and where vocal presence and imagination have a prominent place.