Abián Nauzet Hernandez Herrera | Winner 2nd Prize Bionic Festival 2017

Abián Nauzet Hernandez Herrera is a young dancer from the Canary Islands, he trained in the Dance School of Natalia Medina, and has been a teacher of numerous workshops. Abián has participated in the works “Incorpórea” of Vanessa Medina and Ángeles Padilla, “White Discharge” of Igor Kirov Skopje in Macedonia; “Exquisite Form” by José Reches, Madrid; “Elipsis” of Teresa Nieto; “Tiempo” by Vanesa Medina and Ángeles Padilla; “Feeling well when you are around to me” by Vanesa Medina; “Moving in space” by Vanesa Medina; “Traveling” by Jose Reches, Work in progress “Beginnings”, in the Festival Dansez M aintenant – Chàteau de Véretz “Keneish dance company” 2017, amongst others.