Abraham Hurtado

Artist and independent curator. Founder and director of AADK Spain. As an artist, his work explores the notions of body in crisis, place, behaved and presence. His work has been exhibited in numerous spaces in Europe and America. As performing artists he has collaborated and curated several musicians and sound artists such : Jochen Arbeit, Einstürzende Neubauten, Jan Ferreira (Mosaique), Kris Limback (emitter rmicro), Pablo Fiera, Miquel Casaponsa, Hanh Rowe, Pablo Jordan, Miki Espuma, Mieko Suzuki…. As a curator, “Dissected“ stands out in Mica Moca Project Berlin (2011) , three editions of the “Unexpected“ Berlin Festival (2010/12), Fenomens Festival (2015/17) in Barcelona, IBAFF Film Festival 2016, experimental section, Cumplicidades Festival 2018 Lisbon – International section, among others. He is currently taking up his artistic practices with “Body in Crisis“ 2018/2020, finding new methodologies and presentation formats for his works of the last 10 years together with a group of invited artists. In 2020 he became “AL de La Algaida”, an alter ego that arises to get closer to nature from the voice, the voice prolonged in space, from rural poetry to a global statement. A journey on the territories, as if the groan of the earth could awaken us from our sleeping thoughts. The lament of the world releases through the practices of the voices. Since 2005 he has been collaborating with the artist Meg Stuart as a performer, assistant director and curatorial consultant in several artistic projects of the company Meg Stuart / Damaged Goods. He is an advisory member of the Roberto Cimetta Foundation and to the artistic team of TanzKongress Germany 2019, organized by Kulturstiftung Des Bundes He has filmed and directed the two commissioned films: “A Dream Together” for Tanzkongress2019, “Here and Now” for the Tanz Salon Madrid, organized by Goethe Institut. It’s part of the international group of performing artists gathered by Goethe Institut and directed by Moriah Evans and Meg Stuart.