Aka Thiemele | Finalist & Star Performer

Dancer, Choreographer and Dance Teacher ( Ivory Cost 1975). Aka is an internationally recognized dancer and choreographer specialized in african dances and body percussion. He has trained in several dance genres since childhood and has worked with the best dance companies of the african continent including the Ivory Cost Ballet. Since 2002 he has created and directed Tam Tam Karibu and Tam Tam Berlin. For many he has worked as a dancer and creative director for Mayumana. He has participated in performances like ´´BE“(Union Square, NY) “Cutty Sark Shangai-London since 1870” with Franco Dragone, “Momentum”(Union Victory, Broadway-NY), “Sama, Sama” (Mayumana & Cirque du Soleil) and “Beefeater XO” with Dabiz Muñoz.