Camille Hanson

Dancer, choreographer and teacher who works between Spain and the United States; producing a constant flow of works acclaimed for their ecological and social commitment.

Hanson has an Honorary Scholarship in the Arts and Humanities, from the Bogliasco Foundation of N.Y.C. Since 2008, she has collaborated with the visual artist, Juan Carlos Arévalo, fusing scenic and site-specific dance with the audiovisual field. His works have been presented at: UN Summit Climate COP25, Ubumuntu Arts Festival, Rwanda, Lincoln Center, N.Y.C., Starlite Festival, Marbella, Festival Spain NOW!, London, Stanford University, California, 8th International Marine Mammal Conference, Paris, IETM International Network for Performing Arts, Valencia, 3rd Congress of the Advancement for Peace, Jerusalem, among others.

Currently, she combines artistic creation with teaching at Stanford University in California, USA, and various dance conservatories in Spain. His latest stage creation, MAKE ME WILD, of dance, ecology and image has premiered within the #SurgeMadrid in autumn 2022.