Elvira Heras

Elvira Heras is an actress, producer and director of cultural events. She is the founder and director of the International Environmental Festival of Lanzarote “Langaia”, since 10 years. She has also been director of educational theatre, with many tours across Spain. She is the president of the cultural association Lanzambiental and is a collaborator of different associations like Vida Sana, Fondo para la Defensa de la Salud Ambiental “Fodesam”, Nuevo Teatro Fronterizo, Visión Media, Famara Limpia…Elvira is member of the Biosphere Reserve of Lanzarote, of the Cultural Defense Platform of the “Vistillas” friends association. She has coordinated many projects, and currently she is working in “Planeta Vulnerable” in the cultural centre La Casa Encencida and the Sala Mirador.