Fernando Pozuelo

Fernando Pozuelo is one of the most important landscaper designers in Spain, he is a well recognized professional, and his works represent a sensitive singularity and an aesthetic power. With more than 25 years of experience in garden design, more than one decade ago, he created his ow brand, Fernando Pozuelo Landscaping Collection, and since then he has obtained many prestigios prizes like the Best Houzz 2017 Award and the Golden Medal of the European Association of competitiveness also in 2017. Fernando has become an international reference, and his works have been edited in many books, like Garden on Top, Garden within walls, Lighting Gardens and he has even edited his own garden & illustration books. Fernando Pozuelo wants to recuperate the value of classical gardens, enriched with the challenges of the 21st century, like sustainability and an urban planning that allows people to re-connect with Nature. All the spaces he creates, have a meaning, and become interactive places. Pozuelo believes that landscaper design is an art, and therefore it should relate with other artistic disciplines.